The Establishment of the Setouchi Early Music Society

August 9, 2021

The Establishment of the Setouchi Early Music Society

Since 2017, Musica Antiqua Takamatsu, an annual international festival of early music, has taken place in the city of Takamatsu (Kagawa Prefecture), a picturesque city situated in the Setouchi region in Western Japan. In order to expand the festival’s activities further, we are happy to announce the establishment of the Setouchi Early Music Society.

Early music, revived and promoted by many specialist musicians in the twentieth century, has now become an important and popular genre in classical music. Musica Antiqua Takamatsu festival was set up so that the people of the region could have the opportunity to listen to high quality performances of early music locally, and in a relaxed environment.

Now, by establishing the Setouchi Early Music Society, which is a General Incorporated Association (Ippan Shadan Hojin, a type of nonprofit organization), we hope to expand our activities to education and outreach projects, as well as concerts and projects outside the festival period. Our aim is to give back to the community of Takamatsu which has supported us until now, and also to spread the appeal of the Setouchi region both nationally and globally.

Takamatsu-born Toshiyuki Shibata, Artistic Director of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu, has been appointed the Chair of the Board. For many years he has been active in Europe as a flute player with a focus on early music, and is considered to be a future leader of the Japanese early music scene. Sawako Yoshida (President, Locatell Co. Ltd and Project Manager of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu) will take up the roles of Vice-Chair and Executive Director, and four distinguished members from local businesses and arts management make up the rest of the Board.


Board of Directors

Chair: Toshiyuki SHIBATA (Artistic Director of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu)

Vice-Chair and Executive Director: Sawako YOSHIDA (President, Locatell Co., Ltd.)

Board Member: Kenji OKUBO (Managing Director, Sogokaihatsu Co., Ltd.)

Board Member: Kazumi MINOGUCHI (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices)

Board Member: Yasumasa MANABE (President, Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.)

Auditor: Koichi FURUTAKE (Director, The Lion Standing Against the Wind Fund Foundation)

Corporate Profile

Name: Setouchi Early Music Society

Address: 3135-27 Busshozancho Ko, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Chair of the Board: Toshiyuki Shibata
Date of establishment: June 16, 2021
Business contents: Planning and production of the Musica Antiqua Takamatsu, inviting overseas artists, producing concerts by early music artists and groups, running projects related to the development of the early music scene, and education and outreach projects.

Biography of Toshiyuki Shibata

Toshiyuki Shibata is an active flutist in Europe and Japan. He has performed in professional orchestras such as Brussels Philharmonic (former Flemish Radio Orchestra), Chamber Orchestra of Belgium, La Petite Bande, Le Concert Lorrain, Vox Luminis, and Il Fondamento. In 2019, he had a tour in Japan with B’Rock Orchestra as a soloist with Lucie Horsch. As an active chamber music mucisian, he collaborates with Anthony Romaniuk Bart Naessens. He has worked in Royal Conservatory in Antwerp as a research fellow focusing on improvisational embellishments in the late 18th century. He also worked as a research assistant in Study Center of Flemish Music to rediscover forgotten 19th century Flemish music. He served as the international liaison of National Flute Association of USA (2015-17). He is currently artistic director of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu, an early music festival in Japan.

Mission and Vision of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu


As a leading international music festival, Musica Antiqua Takamatsu aims to utilize the local resources of Kagawa Prefecture and Takamatsu City to promote culture and tourism through early music.


Our vision is to bring together the audience, staff and artists through the festival, and to spend an enriching time together.

The 5-Year, 10-Year Vision of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu

1. To promote regional partnerships

To promote the brand of the Takamatsu through the festival by utilizing various local resourses (personnel, food, tourism).

2. The solution of regional agendas

In a regional society where birthrates are declining and the population aging, we aim to create a new regional culture through the exchange between early music artists and local people.

3. To nurture international exchange and international education

To give local children the opportunity to experience high quality art by inviting European artists, and also to hold free family concerts in order to cultivate a new audience. To nurture children who are familiar with early music and period instruments.

4. To develop Takamatsu as a hot spot of early music

Musica Antiqua Takamatsu aims to become the first early music festival in Asia to join the REMA (European Early Music Network) and to become a contact for European early music artists and orchestras. Another aim is to forge a partnership with the Belgian government and establish a close relationship with Europe.

5. Our efforts towards environmental issues and Covid-19

We will switch to mainly web-based publicity by strengthening our ties with various media. Also, by introducing cashless payment, we will avoid human contact and run the festival with a minimum number of staff. We will take all precautionary measures against Covid-19.

The History of Musica Antiqua Takamatsu


1st Musica Antiqua Takamatsu in Sunport Hall 2017

 (Supported by the Luxembourg National Cultural Fund)

2nd Musica Antiqua Takamatsu in Sunport Hall 2018 “Les Goûts Réunis”

 (Supported by the Government of Flanders, Belgium)

3rd Musica Antiqua Takamatsu 2019 “Musica antica amorosa”

 (Supported by the Government of Flanders, Belgium/Hong Kong Arts Development Council and others)

4th Musica Antiqua Takamatsu 2021

 September 25-26, 2021

For further information, please contact

Sawako Yoshida, Executive Director

Setouchi Early Music Society